About ME!


My name is Mike Zylak, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be in the Middle Years Education program at the University of Regina! I am very passionate about education and enjoy learning and applying new concepts. I have an energetic personality and am excited to learn from my students and get involved in the community! I am a hardworking student and enjoy keeping busy. I have been able to complete my pre-internship and have been developing myself as a professional teacher. I have a commanding presence and am able to keep students engaged in my lessons.

I enjoy being active and playing sports. I am also involved with several volunteer groups, such as the Canadian Red Cross, the Education Student Society at the University of Regina, Regina Minor football, and the Canadian Cancer Society. I have coached students in the middle years age group for five years, and I thoroughly enjoy working with the students and watching them develop in all aspects of life. I may not be an expert in every subject area, but I strive to obtain as much knowledge as I can in all areas of the classroom.

I am truly looking forward to becoming a teacher! I feel blessed to have received this opportunity in my life! I will not take any opportunity for granted, and I hope to develop a professional relationship with my coworkers and students that will improve my pedagogical knowledge and assist me in becoming an effective future educator!


Mike Zylak


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